Condensed Milk Pudding (Pudim de Leite condensado)

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Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício, Duisburg, Germany
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1 can condensed milk (Milchmädchen)
1 can cow milk (measurement of the condensed milk can)
3 whole eggs

210g sugar
125ml water


1. Put the eggs in a blender and mix.

2. Add the condensed milk and milk in the blender, and mix again.

3. Melt the sugar in the pan until browned, add the water and let it thicken.

4. Place the syrup in a round pan and put the pudding on top of it.

5. Bake it in 180ºC for 45 minutes, with the round pan inside a larger one with water.

6. Stick a fork to see if it's well cooked.

7. Wait until it has cooled and put the pudding in another plate.


This desert is very typical in Brazil, specially in parties like Christmas, birthdays, when people make some lunch together with their families. It is a very simple recipe but very delicious.
My mom used to cook this a lot when I was a kid and teenager. I learnt to cook it in March, 2020. Because of Covid, I started to work from home and had more time to cook and I made a lot experimentation in the kitchen. After that, I could cook it again in Germany for some German friends.

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