Steamed Eggs (炖蛋)

Submitted by:
Haifeng Zhou, Berlin, Germany

Image Source: Author


2 eggs
1 shallot, chopped
100ml water (the amount of water added can be adjusted to obtain different tastes)
Salt (moderate amount according to different tastes)
Oil (moderate amount)
Soy sauce (moderate amount according to different tastes)

1. Add water to the eggs in a bowl and stir evenly, put them in a pot and cook them over the water.

2. After the water boils, continue to steam for 5 minutes, then stop heating, and keep the remaining temperature to heat for 15 minutes.

3. When taking out the pot, add the chopped shallots and drizzle in the soy sauce.


This was my favorite and most eaten dish when I was a child. My mother always prepared it for me carefully. I also learnt how to make this dish from my mother. It seems to be a very simple dish, but it carries my longing for my mother.

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