Potato Omelette (Truita de papates)

Submitted by:
Carme Huguet, Barcelona, Spain

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White onions (quantity depends on personal taste and amount of potatoes)
Potatoes, any kind (quantity dependps on how much you want to cook)
Eggs (need to be enough to bid ingredients, typically 6 eggs per a full size one)
Oil (preferably olive but sunflower works too)

1. Cut onion small

2. Peal and cut potatoes, depends on your patience and state, I prefer cubes but many do slivers of potato.

3. Scramble eggs and set aside.

4. Add onions to the pan and let them cook till golden. Some like them more caramelized ... you choose.

5. Add the potatoes and salt and let them cook. Again your choice if you prefer them just soft or golden (my personal favourite)

6. Once potatos are done to your taste you mix them with the egg in a bowl.

7. Place pan back in the fire when warm add the egg-potato-onion mixture.

8. Once you can move the omelette in the pan you must flip it. Easiest way here is to use a dish, hold it firmly and flip the pan, slide omelette gently on the uncooked side.

9. Once omelette does not stick to the pan you can choose weather you want to eat it straight away (will be runny inside, my favourite!) or leave it to cook all the way through.



This is a very traditional dish, I learnt it form my mum but really everybody has their own slightly different recipe and you can make your own too. Easy, convenient and vegetarian friendly!
In Catalunya always acompanied with pa amb tomaca (bread with tomato)

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