Döner Kebab-Tacos al Pastor

Submitted by:
David G. Fajardo Ortiz, Berlin, Germany
Scientometrics and Research policy


1 or 2 packages döner in box
1/2kg Mexican corn tortillas
Fresh vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce, onions, whatever you like

1. Go to your favourite Turkish street food place and ask for your döner in box. Ask the spicy dressing in a separate pot

2. Cut your fresh vegetables and the pineapple in small pieces

3. Heat your döner and the tortillas

4. Put some döner, vegetables, pineapple and spicy dressing over the tortillas

5. Eat your tacos


If you love Mexican tacos and you are an open minded person, you will enjoy this alternative in a country like Germany. For me and my wife eating this provisional dish was a joyful miracle in Germany as we missed so much our Mexican food.

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