Crazy Wurst Noodles

Submitted by:
Walter Waldman, Salto de Pirapora, Brazil

Image Source: Author


Quantities per person/dish:
Two-fingers-long cylinders from two of your favorite wurst (or more-than-two-fingers-long cylinders if you are in Germany)
5 - 7 half spaghetti of your favorite diameter (or whole spaghettis if you are in Italy)
Water and salt to boil the spaghetti
1/2 tablespoon of butter (or a whole one if you are in France).

1. Firstly, you stick the half spaghettis into the wurst cylinders.

2. Then you boil the recommended number of minutes which is written in the spaghetti package.

3. After getting rid of the water, you transfer the cylinders to a pan with the butter.

4. Fry the cylinders until the residual water evaporates and they color a bit on the surface.

5. Serve with your best smile!


We created this dish in Berlin during my stay there for a Humboldt fellowship. We did it collectively, my daughter and me, in a day with a particular lack of ingredients at home because of the pandemic. After that day, we repeat the recipe always when we want to have fun and remember Berlin times!

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