Al Kabsa (الكبسة

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Mohamed Barakat Zakaria Mohamed, Bochum, Germany
Chemistry, Materials Science and Energy

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1kg meat (beaf meat or mutton are fine).
700g basmati rice
1 litre water
Herbs: cumin, black peppers, coriander, red chili, thyme, curry, bay leaves and saffron powders
Vegetables: green peppers, dry onion, green coriander, and lemon

1. In the beginning, we boil the meat in water with the addition of onions, cardamom, salt and a bay leaf.

2. Then we open the boiled meat and put all the other spices/herbs and leave it on the stove for five minutes more.

3. Put the rice on the meat vessel after washing it well with cold water and leave it on a low heat until it becomes soft.

4. Fry the green pepper in oil or the oven, then prepare the tomato and lemon slices in order to prepare the serving dish as shown in the picture.


When I was in Japan, Indian, Persian, Arabian and Pakistani restaurants used to offer it to us. It is well-known and popular dish, especially in the middle east region.
In the last ten years I and my wife as well used to prepare it in Japan.

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